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We are specialists in your lines of business

The following industries are covered by our consultants. All of our consultants are specialist with a huge industry background and many years of operational management experience.

  • Advanced Training / Consulting

    Advanced Training / Consulting

    Training service providers, Weiterbildungsträger, testing- and certification provider, technial services, publishing

    Your consultants for Advanced Training / Consulting:

  • Automation


    Automation Technology, Control Technology, Sensors, Measuring Technology, Image Processing, Electric Drive Technology, Mechatronics, Production Automation, Warehouse Automation, Robotics,

    Your consultants for Automation:

  • Automotive


    Manufacturing, Marketing, Production, Automotive Aftermarket, Car Dealer, Distributors, NSCs, Importers, Agriculture and Commercial Vehicles, Trucks Suppliers to the automobile industry, OEM, plastics, metal, electronics, cable, textiles, interior design, lamination

    Your consultants for Automotive:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Building Construction Industry

    Building Construction Industry

    Construction materials industry, wood, construction chemistry, building shell construction, bricks, ceramics, concrete, interior fittings, dry construction, plastics, metal, aluminium, electronics, wireless, home automation, insulating materials, ETICS, plasters, mortar, insulation, adhesives, sealants, windows, doors, gates, construction elements, varnishes, dyes, building technology, renewable energies, floor coverings, tools, manufacturing and production, specialised wholesale, DIY, construction markets

    Your consultants for Building Construction Industry:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Chemistry


    Polymer chemistry, chemical additives, adhesives, composites and technical textiles, printing inks, ceramics, paper, water chemistry, industrial gases, lubricants, reactive chemicals, high-purity gases, plastics, raw materials, basic chemicals, chemical distribution, dyes

    Your consultants for Chemistry:

  • Disposal and Recycling Industry / Circular Economy

    Disposal and Recycling Industry / Circular Economy

    disposal companies, circular economy, processing, recycling companies, sorting, sustainability, take-back-systems, urban-mining, waste-incineration

    Your consultants for Disposal and Recycling Industry / Circular Economy:

  • Energy Business

    Energy Business

    power, gas, energy production, energy distribution, energy sales, renewable energy, innovative energy concepts, E-mobility, community supply services, services, smart home

    Your consultants for Energy Business:

  • Fashion Luxury Lifestyle

    Fashion Luxury Lifestyle

    Textiles, shoes, sport, jewellery, watches/clocks, home decoration, furniture, design brands

    Your consultants for Fashion Luxury Lifestyle:

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Insurance companies, Savings banks, credit unions, private banks, home loan banks, financing, credit institutions, insurance services, network marketing, administration, law, product management, insurance sales, insurance agents

    Your consultants for Financial Services:

  • FMCG Food

    FMCG Food

    Food industry, dairy products, sweets, gross sale and retailer, restaurant chains, fast food, ovens for bakering industry

    Your consultants for FMCG Food:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France)
  • High-Tech / Photonics / Optics

    High-Tech / Photonics / Optics

    Photonics, Optics, Sensor Technology, Laser

    Your consultants for High-Tech / Photonics / Optics:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Hospital Management / Health Care

    Hospital Management / Health Care

    Hospital administration, commercial management, medical management, medical care management, chief doctor, senior doctor, specialist staff in all hospital areas

    Your consultants for Hospital Management / Health Care:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • IT / Digitalization

    IT / Digitalization

    ITO IT-Outsourcing, Cloud-Solutions, BPO Business-Process-Outsourcing, ERP, application development, hardware, software, process-related consulting, networks, security, IT trade, IT production, DataCentre, cloud solutions, business intelligence, SW development, application development, hardware, software, Digital Transformation, IoT, Industry 4.0,

    Your consultants for IT / Digitalization:

  • Legal / Compliance

    Legal / Compliance

    Legal affairs, international contracts, compliance requirements, M&A and due diligence, HR-management, organization and corporate governance of groups of companies, IP-protection, distributor systems, corporate financing

    Your consultants for Legal / Compliance:

  • Logistics and Transportation

    Logistics and Transportation

    Shipping companies, freight traffic, intralogistics, production logistics, supply chain management, stock logistics, mail order business, internet business

    Your consultants for Logistics and Transportation:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering

    Mechanical and Plant Engineering

    Production plants, production technology, tool machines, energy plants, automation technology, textile, production, laboratories, coatings, medical technology, lift technology, factory construction, facility engineering

    Your consultants for Mechanical and Plant Engineering:

    (Germany, Austria)
  • Medical Technology / Health Care

    Medical Technology / Health Care

    Diagnostics, equipment for operating and treatment rooms, medical imaging (X-ray, CRT, MRI, ultrasound), ophthalmic instruments, dental technology, laser treatment, microscopy, endoscopy, equipment for laboratory analysis, hearing aids, equipment for ambulance and emergency care, home care, prosthetics, orthotics, mobility / wheelchairs, implants, pacemakers, catheters, defibrillators, heart valves, medical consumables

    Your consultants for Medical Technology / Health Care:

  • Metal Processing

    Metal Processing

    Metal processing, forming technology, spring technology, materials, massive forming, heat treatment, casting, sheet metal forming, mechanical processing, steel production

    Your consultants for Metal Processing:

  • Newplacement / Outplacement

    Newplacement / Outplacement

    Newplacement - processing, analysis of the previous career path. Coaching, training for successful professional reorientation, placement in interesting top companies. Outplacement - security for the employer and employee for benevolent divergence and support for a successful career reorientation.

    Your consultants for Newplacement / Outplacement:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France)
    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    (Germany, Austria)
  • Oil-, Gas-, Energy-Industry

    Oil-, Gas-, Energy-Industry

    Oil, gas, power generation, power distribution, crude oil, refinery, gas extraction, fuel refinement, fuels, fuel production, fuel sales, service around the topic of origination, trade, refinement.

    Your consultants for Oil-, Gas-, Energy-Industry:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Packaging Industry

    Packaging Industry

    Closed-Loop, Flexible/Rigid Packaging, Ambient-, Autoclavable- and Fresh-Packaging, Product- and Secondary-Packaging

    Your consultants for Packaging Industry:

  • Pharmacy


    Fine chemical products, pharmaceuticals and raw materials, medications, bio-chemistry, pharmaceutical sales, production, pharmaceuticals trading

    Your consultants for Pharmacy:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    High-rise construction, underground construction, general contractors, engineering services, architects, real estate property sales, construction-related development, real estate utilisation, real estate agents, residential construction, building cooperatives, real estate and centre management, facility management

    Your consultants for Real Estate:

    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Telecommunications


    fixed line, VoIP, broadband, IoT, mobile, LTE, 5G, Wholesale / Carrier, BtoB, BtoC, IPTV

    Your consultants for Telecommunications: