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Automobile Industry and Component Suppliers

Manufacturing, Marketing, Production, Automotive Aftermarket, Car Dealer, Distributors, NSCs, Importers, Agriculture and Commercial Vehicles, Trucks

Suppliers to the automobile industry, OEM, plastics, metal, electronics, cable, textiles, interior design, lamination

Your consultant:

Frank Holzschuh

[Translate to English:] Das Bild zeigt einen Mann der auf Rücksitzbank seines Autos etwas am PC arbeitet
[Translate to English:] Das Bild zeigt eine Gruppe von Mitarbeitern der Bau / Bauzulieferindustrie bei einer Besprechung

Building- and Construction Suppliers Industry

Construction materials industry, wood, construction chemistry, building shell construction, bricks, ceramics, concrete, interior fittings, dry construction, plastics, metal, aluminium, electronics, wireless, home automation, insulating materials, ETICS, plasters, mortar, insulation, adhesives, sealants, windows, doors, gates, construction elements, varnishes, dyes, building technology, renewable energies, floor coverings, tools, manufacturing and production, specialised wholesale, DIY, construction markets

Your consultant:

Dirk Brandhoff  D/A/CH, Western Europe

Dieter Brandt    Brasil, USA, Asia

Chemical Industry

Polymer chemistry, chemical additives, adhesives, composites and technical textiles, printing inks, ceramics, paper, water chemistry, industrial gases, lubricants, reactive chemicals, high-purity gases, plastics, raw materials, basic chemicals, chemical distribution, dyes

Your consultant:

Dr. Volker Kofler

[Translate to English:] Das Bild zeigt zwei Laboranten, welche Ihre Ergbnisse am PC auswerten
[Translate to English:] Finanzdienstleistungen

Financial Services

Insurance companies, Savings banks, credit unions, private banks, home loan banks, financing, credit institutions, insurance services, network marketing, administration, law, product management, insurance sales, insurance agents

Your consultant:

Jürgen Martin


Food industry, dairy products, sweets, gross sale and retailer,  restaurant chains, fast food, ovens for bakering industry

Your consultant:

Philippe Bosquillon de Jarcy - main focus industry

Horst Fischer - main focus gross sale and retailer

[Translate to English:] FMCG Food
[Translate to English:] FMCG Non-Food

FMCG Non Food

Household, decoration, food, non-food, brown goods, white goods, manufacturing and trading, consumer electronics, cosmetics, hygiene, furnitures

Your consultant:

Frank Walter


Hospital administration, commercial management, medical management, medical care management, chief doctor, senior doctor, specialist staff in all hospital areas

Your consultant:

Dirk Brandhoff

[Translate to English:] Healthcare
[Translate to English:] Immobilien

Real Estate

High-rise construction, underground construction, general contractors, engineering services, architects, real estate property sales, construction-related development, real estate utilisation, real estate agents, residential construction, building cooperatives, real estate and centre management, facility management

Your consultant:

Dirk Brandhoff

IT / TK / E-Commerce

ITO IT-Outsourcing, Cloud-Solutions, BPO Business-Process-Outsourcing, ERP, application development, hardware, software, process-related consulting, networks, security, IT trade, IT production, DataCentre, cloud solutions, business intelligence, SW development, application development, hardware, software, digital transformation, mobile business, design & user-experience, innovation, E-Commerce.

Digital marketing (SEM, SEO, display advertising, affiliates, social media, Email marketing, analytics), internet portals and comparison sites, online shops, eCommerce software, mobile applications, customer-loyalty programmes, design & user interface agencies

Your consultants:

Dr. Thorsten Hackfort

Michael Grünschloß

[Translate to English:] IT / TK / E-Commerce
[Translate to English:] Konfliktmanagement / Mediation / Burn-out-Prophylaxe

Conflictmanagement / Mediation / Burn-Out-Prophylaxys

Corporate conflictmanagement , in business units, between owners/shareholders/executives und employees, burn out prophylaxys, psychologische evaluation of the working place, bsuinessmediation

Your consultant:

Ina Kaplick

Legal / ­Compliance / Governance

Legal affairs, international contracts, compliance requirements, M&A and due diligence, HR-management, organization and corporate governance of groups of companies, IP-protection, distributor systems, corporate financing

Your consultant:

Wirnt Galster



Shipping companies, freight traffic, intralogistics, production logistics, supply chain management, stock logistics, mail order business, internet business

Your consultant:

Dr. Karsten Zeugtraeger

Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Production plants, production technology, tool machines, energy plants, automation technology, textile, production, laboratories, coatings, medical technology, lift technology, factory construction, facility engineering

Your consultant:

Frank Spanehl

Dietmar Heckel

[Translate to English:] Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
[Translate to English:] Medizintechnik

Medical Engineering

Diagnostic, laboratory techniques, sensor tecnology, clinical diagnostics, medical monitoring, medical consumeables, life support systems, CT, MRT, dialysis, denthal prostesis

Your consultant:

Dirk Brandhoff

Fashion / Luxury / Lifestyle

Textiles, shoes, sport, jewellery, watches/clocks, home decoration, furniture, design brands

Your consultant:

Frank Walter

[Translate to English:] Mode / Luxus / Lifestyle
[Translate to English:] Pharma


Fine chemical products, pharmaceuticals and raw materials, medications, bio-chemistry, pharmaceutical sales, production, pharmaceuticals trading

Your consultant:

Dirk Brandhoff

Print / Media-Industry

Print media industry (PMI), pre-press, press, post-press, service, consumables, paper industry, media companies and publishing houses, printing companies, packaging machines, trade fair industry

Your consultant:

Dieter Brandt

[Translate to English:] Print / Media-Industrie
[Translate to English:] Training / Consulting / Weiterbildung / Zertifizierung

Training / Consulting / Professional Development / Certification

Training service providers, Weiterbildungsträger, testing- and certification provider, technial services, publishing

Your consultant:

Werner Kraus

Environmet / Waste Technology / Recycling

Waste management industry, recycling industry, green point, environmet services, recycling facilities, loading equipment, packaging

Your consultant:

Thomas Tettinger

[Translate to English:] Umwelt / Entsorgung / Recycling
[Translate to English:] Verpackungsindustrie

Packaging Industry

Packaging industry, paper, card board, aluminium, plastics, blister, food, glas, transport packaging, sales packaging

Your consultants:

Thomas Tettinger
Dieter Brandt