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You as an applicant

plan an occupational change ?

As the candidate and potential applicant for one of our challenging and interesting positions, you are just as important to us as our client who has given us the mandate to fill the vacant positions.

The HR-Expertgroup will recommend only positions to you that are aligned with your goals and fit you one hundred percent.

With our long-term, operational management knowledge within your industry, we are an important sparring partner for your professional and personal development.



Career Consulting

You are looking for a new challenge ?

We will help you find the right employer and the right company for you. We’d like to get to know you and jointly discuss your future, your aspirations and which position in which environment will be ideal for your next move.

We utilise our long-term, operational experience to analyse precisely where and how you can optimally deploy your strengths.

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Your personal career profile

Which position, what kind of work and which company fits to me ?

We will help you draft your personal career profile so that there are no surprises when you make your next move. You will work with us to identify your personal strengthsand aptitudes. Together with you, we will select suitable companies and identify your ideal next career step.

Here you can achieve additional informations for your career



Application Training

We will help you to confidently look forward to your successful job interview and impress your future employer. Through interview training you will be able to avoid mistakes and approach the job interview with self-confidence because you know that you are the right person for the position.



The right placement to leading companies

From our circle of clients and our network, we know many successful companies – and we take special care to understand their structure, mind-set and work approach. Once we know you, we will recommend you to the clients that fit your profile.

Upon request, we will conduct a professional Profiling with you. This analysis will provide you with additional insights and the confidence of finding the right position at the right company.

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Applicant registration

Take the initiative - contact us and register

Cooperating with a professional personnel consulting firm gives you the opportunity to discreetly and at the same time intensively reorient yourself.

We would be glad to evaluate your profile and discuss your aspirations for a next move or new professional start. Be aware: we do not shy away from asking tough questions and understanding your motivations. This is how we interpret "Personnel CONSULTING".




Register with us – it is discreet, non-binding and free-of-charge. Let’s talk. After registration we will get in contact with you.

Free of charge applicant registration 

Profiling and Suitability Diagnostics

Draw the right decision

We use psychometric profiling techniques to help companies and applicants make the right decision.


You will have the confidence that you are hiring the best person for the job, who will make a long lasting contribution to your company’s success.

  • You reduce fluctuation and employee turnover by hiring the right people
  • You avoid conflicts
  • You increase your profits
  • You reduce your costs 


You will have the confidence that your skill-set and attitude matches the job perfectly and that you can look forward to a successful future with your new employer.

  • You are more likely to be happy with the new position and have fun in your new tasks
  • You will increase the chance of being a star in the new position and easily sail through the probation period
  • You can build your future on a well-founded and scientific basis