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Manager League


As part of our exclusive league, you have the opportunity to present yourself to us and our top clients and companies and make yourself more visible. The coming together of all participants is very targeted, very well prepared and direct - without disturbing social media advertising or self-promotion of people and institutions that drag down the quality of a professional platform.

You have the possibility to simply be a member or to develop yourself qualitatively and personally with our help in order to be even more successful in getting top jobs and top companies.

  • Membership
    Admission to the exclusive manager league
    Free consultation with your personal HR-Expertgroup partner
  • Revision of your CV including professional presentation and creation of your personal profile with which you can present yourself more successfully to future employers
  • Running through a personal profiling with the help of which you will professionally round off your professional and personal profile. Personal discussion of the profiling with your personal partner of HR-Expertgroup. Profiling results are incorporated into your personal profile for top candidates. Inclusion in the exclusive High Potentials database, to which only selected companies/clients have access and can see you and your qualifications perfectly prepared anonymously. If a company is interested in you, we will establish the contact.
  • Professional briefing before your personal interview with one of our top clients with interview preparation/behavior, presentation of your strengths, both your professional skills and your personality.

Personal application training upon request.