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Dr. Frank Jünger

My path and my philosophy

  • Many years of management experience with one of the largest financial and insurance companies in the world
  • Fully qualified lawyer with a doctorate in natural sciences and forestry, admitted to the bar
  • Management positions in sales B2B and B2C - human resources - marketing - customer service - project and change management - strategy development - product management - key account manager
  • Extensive experience in leading organizations, as well as managing digital transformation and complex E2E processes in internal and field sales
  • Several years of international experience, experience with (N)GOs - cooperations

Bringing together exceptional companies and exceptional TOP candidates in a sustainable way and supporting them successfully - that is my claim. To this end, I bring all my experience and knowledge of human nature, as well as empathy and know-how.

The understanding of customers, employees and companies is the linchpin for your successful support. Hybrid customers, agile projects, digitalization, leadership at a distance and remote technology influence the world of work and the focus in the future leadership of employees. I can guarantee the successful consulting of companies, because I have operationally experienced this mindset myself and have developed the spirit for it. I bring this experience with me.

"To bring the right candidate with his skills to the right position and to raise his potentials, that is my task. Let's talk and walk the path together..." Dr. Frank Jünger

Industries and focus

All functional groups in financial services, banking, insurance, agriculture and forestry

Executive Search - NewPlacement - OutPlacement - Profiling - Business Consulting - Business start-up - Succession planning - Mediation - Coaching - Career planning - Burnout prevention

(inter-) national (technical) executives, specialists and experts

executive boards - managing directors - interim managers - supervisory boards - project managers - employees - self-employed - family businesses - medium-sized businesses - corporate groups

Dr. Frank Jünger

Partner of HR-Expertgroup

Executive Search & Consulting

Muehlbachstrasse 5
DE-86356 Neusaess

phone +49 (0) 821 - 4860033
fax +49 (0) 821 - 481655
mobile +49 (0) 174 - 9811253

E-Mail: jngrhr-xprtgrpcm

Dr. Frank Jünger



As an experienced manager in various leadership positions, I know your daily challenges. For many years I have recruited and developed numerous employees myself.

As a true industry expert and sales expert, we therefore talk at eye level! This and my goal of a long-term partnership, in which the highest quality and added value for your company are the focus, clearly set me apart from my market competitors.

With my many years of operational management expertise, I support you in filling positions reliably and sustainably. The personal and direct contact as well as defined processes guarantee the optimal staffing.

High costs for advertisements, interviews and fluctuation are thus avoided, the staffing is carried out promptly with the highest discretion and a perfect fit.

I am also happy to support you in the subsequent onboarding process, in employee development or in consulting and implementation issues.

In order to find the right candidate with the right skills, we first work out your requirements profile. With me as a sparring partner, we jointly develop an understanding of the specific challenges for your external, internal or international staffing. The close regular exchange creates the flexibility to react to changes.

All candidates go through a multi-stage process. Personal characteristics and expectations are worked out in interviews, backed up by professional profiling and used to develop a meaningful personality profile.

At the same time, you show what distinguishes you as a top candidate, what your next career step should look like, precisely in line with your personal expectations. Through my trustworthy way of working, I make my contribution to your success.

I would be happy to support you in your career planning with individual programs and appropriate coaching.

Range of Services

Executive Search/Placement
Business Consulting
Executive Search/Placement
  • We actively identify potential top candidates for key positions through direct search.
  • Coverage of the entire HR process incl. digital channels for (inter-) national (technical) executives and specialists in the following focus industries
  1. Financial services, credit institutions & banks, insurance companies, brokers, asset & investment, building society and construction financing funds, leasing
  2. Agriculture and forestry with their products as well as product refinements

  • board members - managing directors - interim managers - supervisory boards - project managers
  • Salaried employees - self-employed - all functional areas - hidden and open labor market

The internationally recognized profiling system secures the personnel decision, objectifies it by a standardized process and checks the position suitability as well as inclination of the candidate.

Mental abilities, professional interests and behavioral characteristics are considered. This provides you with a valid statement on how the employee will master the new task. You thus place the right person, with his or her individual skills and potential, in the right position.

For all functional areas of your company, we support you with top candidates especially with high specialization in the areas of sales B2B and B2C, HR management, marketing, customer service, key account management, business development, strategy and organizational development, executive management, interim, QM, product management, R&D, project management, finance, controlling, IT, BO, actuarial, agile project management, digital transformation.


I support you in your future career decision and in the search for interesting suitable companies - of course highly confidential and trustworthy.

  • national – international
  • up to C-Level
  • self-employed and employed
  • open and hidden market

Based on the profiling system we create a meaningful personality profile with your personal characteristics as well as expectations, and work out your desired target industries as well as companies. Your professional application documents will then be individually tailored to this.

Do you need support in contacting the decision makers of your desired target company? We offer this and a tailor-made preparation for the job interview!


Separation from your employer presents you with a special exceptional situation, combined with strong emotions. Not everything is always planned this way or has a long lead time.

Outplacement - Dr. Frank Jünger

Often anger and disappointment are in the foreground. You don't have an overview of the market situation or don't know how to find a new suitable job?

Let us together calmly and objectively evaluate your current job and life situation, as well as look at your own strengths and your future expectations.

Even if you feel a certain pressure to act, keep a cool head; if possible, the goal should be to "part on good terms" with your old employer.

We reflect on the past, take stock and carefully plan your future career. With the right market strategy, we find the right companies and approach the right decision-makers for your new direction.

With perfect documents and a professional personal appearance you will convince your desired company with your overall image.

Profiling - Career Masterplan - Application documents - Application training and coaching - Access to companies and decision makers - Onboarding - Postvention

These services are available to you individually and tailored to your needs


PROFILING – COACHING – Career Consulting – Personnel Development – Applicant TRAINING

Personality analysis - potential analysis - competence analysis - recommendations for action - talent management - aptitude diagnostics (tasks and responsibilities)

Coaching - Dr. Frank Jünger

You want to change within the company or take a step in a completely different direction? You want to strengthen your strengths and grow with your challenges?
Your goal is to take over a family business?

With me as your sparring partner, we develop a common understanding of your specific challenges, your personal characteristics and skills. In trusting discussions we work out your expectations of a new task and of a new company.

Through the profiling system, your mental abilities, professional interests and behavioral characteristics are additionally analyzed.

You receive a meaningful personality profile, where you stand and what is necessary for your dream job.

Is it about more responsibility, teamwork, leadership, communication or other skills and soft skills?

I would be happy to support you with my experience in your career and life planning. With your Career Masterplan and an individual coaching I accompany you to prepare your career step by step.

Plan your career and leave nothing or not too much to chance!

Business Consulting

Business Consulting (Management Consulting)

  • Business and process consulting with process analysis, as well as strategy and organizational development - especially sales, marketing, QA, production and product management
  • Implementation and change management
  • project management
  • Company foundation and restructuring, reorganization, business start-up
  • Succession planning, support of company takeovers (transitions within the family)
  • Customer management and target group approach, marketing promotion
  • M&A
  • Development and optimization of sales organizations
  • Digital transformation of sales and customer processes

Would you like to build up your own company with a good idea? With professional preparation, you can take this new path to a successful start-up.
Before you actually start your own business, however, you need a "good gut feeling" and you can only get that if you take a close look at your planned business start-up. Together with my team I will show you what has to be considered and support you systematically step by step.

You are looking for a successor for an insurance portfolio - you have come to the right place!

Business Consulting - Dr. Frank Jünger

Mediation - Moderation

  • Structured and constructive accompaniment of problem situations, conflicts and change processes within companies, also with committees
  • Moderation of crisis situations and events
Mediation - Dr. Frank Jünger

Mediation is to be distinguished from moderation. In this cooperative conflict resolution method, I support the parties as a neutral third party (mediator) in settling a dispute. Through structured negotiation, this flexible, confidential and out-of-court procedure is used to jointly develop and agree upon a future-oriented settlement. This accepted solution is tailored to the needs and interests of the parties involved and leads to a sustainable implementation without any real losers.

What does a person really want, what is really important to them? - Listening, changing perspectives and sitting in the other person's "chair" are keys to finding solutions.

You will benefit from this:

  • Fast and cost-effective conflict resolution
  • Consideration of the needs and interests of all parties involved
  • Protection of your company from image loss
  • Planning security and transparency
  • Full control over negotiations and their results
  • Continuation of business or personal relations
  • Opening of new creative solution options
  • Achievement of economically profitable results
  • Preservation of confidentiality on both side


"I feel listless, physically and mentally burned out, overwhelmed….." 

Feelings you may know? You are in the middle of life, successful and determined.

You have enjoyed working hard for many years and have already increased your personal stress resilience.

But then something changes - the framework conditions at work, a sense of achievement fails to materialize, or the living situation in your family, perhaps with your partner.

Even before that, you are often overworked and suffer from excessive constant stress, anger and inner tension.

Warning signs such as sleep disturbances and inner restlessness, being emotionally burnt out and a temporary feeling of being overwhelmed, not knowing how to cope with the mountain of work in front of you - these first signs should be taken seriously, because the path to burnout is insidious.

Constant accessibility - both in professional life and in private everyday life - also contributes to hardly being able to rest. This permanent overload means negative stress and can eventually lead to a significant drop in performance at work, and in the worst case to addictions.

Often these complaints are less comprehensible to outsiders than a broken leg. However, these complaints are very real, and you can only really empathize with them if you have already been in a similar situation.

Measures for burnout prevention are recommended at the first signs of extreme private or professional stress. Excessive stress should not become a permanent condition. A stable social environment that offers sufficient support even in stressful times is also helpful.

For these preventive measures your own location analysis is necessary, what is important to you? Things and attitudes need to be re-evaluated, processes need to be handled differently, attitudes and activities need to be reconsidered and realigned. How do I delimit myself? What is important, what is urgent?

Burnout Prävention - Dr. Frank Jünger

Burnout is a persistent emotional and physical state of exhaustion, accompanied by physical and psychological symptoms. If there is a diagnosis of burnout or depression, this must be treated by a psychotherapist.

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