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Michal Jakubowski


HR-EXPERTGROUP International

Ul. Sabaly 31
PL-02-174 Warszawa / Polska

Phone (PL):      +48 (0) 602 421 037

E-Mail: mchljkbwskhr-xprtgrpcm

Competence in the Construction Industry

Partner for Construction and Building Materials in Central Eastern Europe

Fields of expertise:
  • Building Materials
  • Tools
  • Components
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
Szymon Janicki


Prior to joining HR-Expert Group International, Michal spent more than 25 years in different international companies operating in Poland and Eastern Europe, such as SAINT GOBAIN, KNAUF or ROCA; he developed knowledge and competencies in various types of organizations, cultures and sectors.

„I managed small and big teams in different type of companies and always paid utmost attention to their quality, efficiency, commitment, and satisfaction, which are crucial for the success of eve-ry business.

My motto was „competitors may have the same machines, but we have better people”.

Finding right people inside and outside the organization, developing their talents, making sure they enjoy and make the shareholders and customers happy: those are everyday challenges in your company I will be pleased to help you with.

„People are the main asset of every business”

Hence my purpose is to help companies re-invigorate their teams and assure fully successful external recruitments.

Service Offering

HR Development
Business Consulting
Direct & Executive Search
  • Search and selection of highly qualified executives, managers and specialists in all functional areas of the business, especially in the following sectors : Construction, Building Materials, HVAC, Packaging, Components, Tooling, Distribution.
HR Development
  • Talent detection & development & retention
  • Potential assessment
  • Competency assessment


International support of top specialists and executives with their next career decision and the search for the right challenge in interesting companies. The New Placement will support the candidate with a customized strategy to achieve individual professional goals and to find a suitable position in a target company.

One of these solutions will help you exploring how to approach the next step of your career.

The HREI Assessment Center is the right choice if you want to find out which soft skills you need to work on, if you want to prepare yourself for the next step in your career, where more responsibility, teamwork, leadership, communication or other capabilities will be required. You receive a personal report and a personal graph that clearly shows where you stay today and where you need to work on.

You need to find out where you stay today and what needs to be worked on to take the next step. However, what is the next step? You figure out that there are several good options and attractive companies. Deciding which way is the best for you, however, is not easy.

You are searching for a decision and someone who guides and coaches you to discover the right conclusions. Therefore, you look for someone with experience who can challenge you and help preparing your individual Career Master Plan? In this case, HREI CS Light provides what you are looking for.

Career Masterplan & access to decision-makers needed?

You feel comfortable with what HREI CS Light provides, however would like to count on the best support for approaching the decision makers at your desired new company? A sparring partner who knows about your capabilities, understands your needs and who has access or opens doors to CEOs and decision makers?

Then HREI CS Pro is right for you.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting


ABC classification, based mainly on 80/20 Pareto principle has been used as a reliable method of product and customer segmentation for a while.In case of customer ABC, it’s about dividing customers into groups based on their value to the company, the purpose being to optimize the resources and time needed to handle customers; it can also help improve profitability.
The metrics used to allocate customers to A, B and C category are usually sales revenue, sales potential, contribution to margin and support costs.
Once realized, the ABC classification shall help to adjust sales strategy and eventually increase revenue and profit by better using the sales potential and optimizing handling costs. It’s also important to build an internal mechanism to periodically review the ABC since daily life brings exceptions that become permanent.
It happens quite often companies devote too much time & resources to customers generating insufficient revenue or profit ot benefiting from excessive payment or delivery conditions while the potential of some other customers is not properly exploited.
You probably did this analysis already, but it’s always good to have it done again by an external expert.
Let me use my experience in that field to help your company.


Most of B2B markets operate using a discount and / or rebate pricing system.

Discounts being used by vendors to reduce the retail price to their customer and applied at invoice level, usually from catalogue price. They purpose is to reward purchase of certain quantities, promote specific product mix or payment term.

Rebates on the contrary are paid at the end of period, usually in exchange of the achievement by the customer of previously agreed objectives such as volume, value, growth or marketing activity. They ultimate role is to enhance customer’ loyalty and close the gap between promises and actual behavior.

Over time discounts and rebate systems tend to get very complex, heavy to handle and not necessarily helping to reach commercial benefits as expected. Instead, they may unfortunately contribute to price leakage and represent an administrative and accountancy burden.
Does your company have a clear discount & rebate policy and review it regularly to check it efficiency and adjust to market conditions ? 
Let me use my experience in that field to help you.


Happy employees mean greater productivity. 

Beside basic salary, companies reward employees in many ways offering not only financial bonuses but also health and wellness benefits, development opportunities, retirement plans and so on.

Nonetheless especially for salespeople the compensation system is the key to assure their satisfaction, commitment and efficiency.
A good bonus system needs to include enough elements and criteria to keep different performers constantly engaged and reflect various and often fast changing business conditions; on the other hand, over-engineered systems may prove counterproductive.

Subsequently, many questions arise:

  • How to set sales quotas?
  • Adjust quotas annually or keep stable?
  • Pay a commission on sales or rather a percentage of fixed salary?
  • Fix a cap on commissions or keep the system open?
  • Use only volume or revenue as a criterion or add margin too? 
  • Take into consideration receivables, CRM utilization, product mix, obsoletes, etc.?
  • Reward exclusively individual effort or link compensation fully or partially to overall result?
  • Which frequency of bonus payment is the best?
  • Close bonus calculation every month or quarter or allow a yearly catch-up?

Let me help you find right answers for your organization.

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