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Dieter Brandt

Passion for the implementation of international projects

and working with extraordinary people

Passion for the implementation of international projects and working with extraordinary people

After more than 30 years of international operational experience at a market-leading manufacturer in the Printing Industry, I use all my experience, knowledge of human nature, and know-how to bring together exceptional companies and top candidates. I support executives and specialists to successfully take the next suitable career step. On the basis of mandate agreements for Executive Search, New Placement, and Business Consulting, I work on individual projects with international companies and top candidates in the Printing Industry.

Aiming to contribute to make companies more successful, I support candidates competently in their most important career decisions. The company, the candidate and I develop a long-term partnership based on trust and experience.

As CEO of HR-Expertgroup International GmbH, I am internationally positioning the HR-Expertgroup concept, which has been successfully established in Germany. We are looking for partnerships with industry experts who will rely on the HR-Expertgroup structure – including the brand, an international network, a complete system with proven tools and processes – to build their own business in
Executive Search & Business Consulting.

                             "Bringing extraordinary people together."

Dieter Brandt

Partner of HR-Expertgroup

Executive Search & Consulting

CEO HR-Expertgroup International                                    

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D-83022 Rosenheim

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Competence in the Printing Industry

Partner of Manufacturers in the Printing Industry


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Dieter W. Brandt

Your contact if you want to become a Partner of HR-Expertgroup International (HREI)

We are looking for experts in 20+ industry segments worldwide

e-Mobility, Automotive, Construction / Construction Supply, Chemistry, Energy, Financial Services, FMCG Food, FMCG Non-Food, High Technology, Real Estate, IT/Digitalization, Hospital Management / Health Care, Legal / Compliance, Logistics / Automation Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction, Medical Technology, 
Fashion / Luxury / Lifestyle, Pharmaceuticals, Printing Industry, Telecommunication, Environment / Recycling and Waste Disposal, Packaging

Experience and Empathy

"My experience as manager in the company headquarters, as General Manager of a foreign subsidiary, as expatriated, and today as an HR-Consultant built a solid foundation for understanding your needs as an entrepreneur, manager or specialist

in order to support you successfully.

Are you seriously interested in starting your own business as an HR- or Business Consultant by
 joining an established brand and network of Partners?

Let’s talk."

Dieter Brandt

Service Offering

Business Consulting
 Become HREI Partner 
Executive Search

International search and selection of highly qualified, suitable specialists and executives in the Printing Industry, especially in the areas of R&D, product management, marketing, sales, service, top management including supervisory boards.



International support of top specialists and executives with their next career decision and the search for the right challenge in interesting companies. The New Placement will support the candidate with a customized strategy to achieve individual professional goals and to find a suitable position in a target company.

One of these solutions will help you exploring how to approach the next step of your career.

The HREI Assessment Center is the right choice if you want to find out which soft skills you need to work on, if you want to prepare yourself for the next step in your career, where more responsibility, teamwork, leadership, communication or other capabilities will be required. You receive a personal report and a personal graph that clearly shows where you stay today and where you need to work on.

You need to find out where you stay today and what needs to be worked on to take the next step. However, what is the next step? You figure out that there are several good options and attractive companies. Deciding which way is the best for you, however, is not easy.

You are searching for a decision and someone who guides and coaches you to discover the right conclusions. Therefore, you look for someone with experience who can challenge you and help preparing your individual Career Master Plan? In this case, HREI CS Light provides what you are looking for.

Career Masterplan & access to decision-makers needed?

You feel comfortable with what HREI CS Light provides, however would like to count on the best support for approaching the decision makers at your desired new company? A sparring partner who knows about your capabilities, understands your needs and who has access or opens doors to CEOs and decision makers?

Then HREI CS Pro is right for you.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

My strengths are particularly in the area of the launch of new products in the market and the set up and expansion of new sales channels and organizations for capital goods, consumables, and competent services.


Are you planning to (re)position your company in Latin America? I spent over 20 years living and working in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, which gave me extensive operational experience with the Latin market, and a valuable knowledge that can help you to (re)position yourself in this region.

 Become HREI Partner 

Become a Partner of HR-Expertgroup International

„Bringing extraordinary people together“. With this motto we do everything we can to make candidates and companies more successful and offer international Partners an attractive and inspiring professional perspective in a successful international network of industry experts.

Are you a manager with years of experience and a passion for your industry? Do you like to develop national and international projects with exceptional clients and top candidates?

Contribute your passion as an Entrepreneur for people, projects, and companies in your industry – become part of the consulting world of HR-Expertgroup International.

We are looking forward to meeting you!



  • Important success factors when starting with a new company LINK
competent - objective - efficient - discrete - value-adding

Your Advantages

Understand the DNA of your company and your management
A continuous and proactive cooperation with you as the decision maker is the basis for finding the right specialists and managers at the right time according to your specific requirements. We know your company and understand its DNA in order to find the right candidates.

As a company, you do not expect just the support of an HR-Consultant. You also expect to work with an experienced sparring partner in your industry who understands the technical and market-specific challenges and gives you objective guidance. It is all about your success-critical, international appointments, and for that you need a valuable and qualified long-term partnership. My goal is to contribute to your success.

Exchange with candidates at eye level
From the first contact, candidates perceive that we know your industry. You will also learn that our way of working is very personal and tailored to your needs.

Due to many years of operational experience in the industry, I understand what distinguishes you as a top candidate, what the right challenge for your next career step should look like, and how this can be best reconciled with your personal expectations. It is about taking important decisions that will be the right fit for you, the company and me as an HR-Consultant.

Dieter Brandt

Your advantage as a manufacturer in the Printing Industry
Instead of standard e-mails, I have intensive and personal discussions with the decision makers as an industry expert on an equal footing.

The job profile is worked out in a clear and structured manner for the respective challenge.

We question and discuss your requirements competently, instead of simply adopting them for our search.

We will find the right candidates for you!

Your advantage as an expert in the Printing Industry
Instead of a conversation with a mostly inexperienced recruiter without operational experience in the industry, we hold intensive, goal-oriented and personal discussions as industry experts at eye level.

I will explain the respective job profile clearly to you and give you an idea of what to expect from the challenge.

We question and discuss your requirements, work out a common understanding of whether the respective challenge fits both to the company’s challenges, as also to your professional and personal expectations, instead of simply passing on your résumé. The result of intensive conversations is the conviction that we will successfully take the right path together.

I would be happy to support you in your career planning with tailored programs.

You should be satisfied and happy with your next professional decision!

„You can teach skills but not attitudes“ - Professional Profiling
Thanks to my extensive operational management experience in different types of organizations, I can assess applicants with regard to their expected performance. It is also important to assess and orientate that the integration in the respective organization and in particular the compatibility with the responsible manager and the aspired challenge work.

All candidates therefore go though a multi-stage program. We stand by the approach “You can teach skills but not attitudes”.

In several interviews, we work out the personal characteristics and expectations of a candidate, cross-check our assessment with the results of professional profiling and create for companies and candidates a meaningful Candidate Profile.

Companies fill their positions with new employees who fit perfectly with the company and the vacant position, both professionally and personally.

Candidates on the other hand learn how they are seen by others and which traits they should further develop.

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