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Consulting through Industry Specialists

As a trusted partner on personnel issues, we are frequently asked by our clients for advice and support about other consulting services as well.

With their successful management track record, our consultants can help you optimise your organisational structure or processes in many areas and find practical solutions to your challenges.


Through our outside expertise, we may perhaps notice things which someone too close to the business could miss.

We offer a portfolio of proven and practical consulting services which we can adapt to your needs and implement for you.



Executive Consulting

Our Expertise in Management Consulting

We can offer you consulting services on the following topics :


  • Sales–Monitoring of your sales processes as well as their optimisation and recommendations for action
  • Marketing–Monitoring the correct and effective optimisation of your marketing initiatives and recommendations for action for contacting
  • M&A Consulting, due dilligence, monitoring and recommendations for action
  • Customers IT–Risk management (ITARA)
  • IT–Compliance
  • IT–Assessments for the top management
  • IT–Process optimisations across all company divisions
  • Design of international logistics networks
  • Procurement 4.0
  • Development and Realization of Digitalization Strategies
  • Optimization of procurement organizations regarding strategy, organizational structure, roles, qualification
  • Analysis and Optimization of procurement processes and supplier management
  • Systematic creation of saving opportunities and value analysis
  • Conception and optimization of intra-logistics systems
  • Analysis, re-design and optimization of business processes in production and logistics
  • Financial management
  • Change management
  • Outplacement
  • Optimisation of company processes: Analysis of the involved company divisions and the interfaces between them
  • Team process–analysis and optimisation burn-out prevention
  • Moderation of conflicts (between departments or with individual staff)
  • Mediation